Lara Vafiadis

Lara Vafiadis - Motivational and Internet Safety Speaker.

Neil Sinclair, internet safety speaker

Lara Vafiadis is a dynamic and accomplished professional known for her exceptional leadership in the corporate world and adventurous spirit in personal pursuits. Her passion for online safety and motivational speaking takes her from schools to global enterprises, focusing on her expertise in cybersecurity.

Lara simplifies complex cybersecurity concepts, inspiring audiences of all ages to understand and engage with digital safety. Lara's engaging presentations combine professional insights with personal experiences, making her a sought-after speaker for educational and corporate events. Speaking to kids about social media, gaming, cyber safety is a particular passion.

Beyond her work life, Lara's passion lies in endurance challenges and new adventures. She has achieved the extraordinary feat of solo rowing three thousand miles across the Atlantic Ocean, spending nearly one hundred days at-sea alone - a testament to her resilience and determination. This remarkable journey places her among a select group of women who have conquered one of the most daunting challenges in adventure sports.

Lara's story is a tapestry of professional excellence and adventurous spirit, exemplifying that with courage, dedication, and a zest for challenges.

Schoolchildren, corporate professionals love Lara's zest for life, which is both inspiring and infectious.