Who Talks/Workshops are for.

Our Workshops/ Talks are for:

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Online safety/ Internet Safety / Cyberbullying workshops/talks for the following audiences

  • Primary School Students
  • Parents & Parents Associations, PTAs
  • Suitable for Faith-based and secular schools
  • Business, Clubs & Organisations
  • Community Groups & Local Partnerships
  • Vocational Training Opportunity Scheme Participants
  • Secondary Schools
  • Speciality Issues, Sexting, Social Media, Phone Addiction
  • Kids, Tweens, Teenagers 
  • Building Online Reputation

Available Nationwide and Online worldwide 

The workshops are active, fun, engaging and informative. Supported by video and in-class group exercises providing the children and parents with :  

  • Practical Information, Guidelines 
  • Reasons for Staying Safe Online
  • Learning how to conduct themselves online 
  • Responsibly online.

Clients include

  • UK, Irish Schools Primary & Post Primary
  • English Speakings Schools world wide
  • IBM, Google, Barclays Capital, 
  • Educational Authorities
  • US Air Force Base Ramstein