Parents Invitation Text

Text for Inviting People to Online Safety Talk


Please join us and our host from Internet Safety Talks for a Talk on how to keep your children safe online. The session will cover a range of important topics that concern parents, including:

For Primary School Parents, these are some issues

  • Rules, not guidelines
  • Friends not followers
  • Gaming Safely, Are Public Servers safe? VPNs for gamers
  • Gaming issues esp. Fortnite, Minecraft, ROBLOX.
  • Dealing with Snapchat, TikTok & Instagram
  • Social media privacy settings for kids
  • How to avoid/deal with online bullying
  • Free v Paid Parental Control - Issues arising
  • Plus Tips & Tricks & stuff you can do within 24 hours
  • Winning not losing online

For Teenagers

Change details as needed, suggestions below

  • The dangers of online bullying, how to deal with it, what to do.
  • Social Media, Addiction, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram
  • Sexton, What is it, The Dangers, Does everyone do it? 
  • Sexting, The Law, Consequences, The Police, How handle it
  • Online Reputation, Building an online presence for success, what my phone says about me
  • Gaming, Am I gaming too much? What should I do about it.

Teenagers, The Police & Border Control

  • Can the Police & Border Control look at my phone (Yes & No)
  • What every teenager needs to know
  • Do the Police need a search warrant to search Teenagers phone
  • If Police visit your home, if you are under 18, it will be parents who Police talk to
  • Do the Police really care what I do on my phone?


Tuesday XXth November
12.00 – 13:15 incl. Q&A


Please click here to join Meeting ID: 863 8874 XXXX Passcode: 091XXX

You will need Passcode for logging in with WhatsApp
The link is only available from our front desk. BeSecureOnline can not, for obvious reasons, send you the link.

Younger Teenagers 

Tend to focus on Gaming, Sexting, Social Media, Bullying, Sexting 

Older Teenagers

More interactive, Online Reputation, What my Phone says about me, The Law, The Police, Border Control. Making sure my phone works for me and not against me.

Parental Survey

Ahead of the session it would be helpful to understand any topics you are interested in hearing about with regards to keeping your child safe online. Please take 2 minutes to complete this survey. 

Link here :> Parental Survey
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Email Club

We will enrol parents who complete this parental survey for free as a talk bonus. Email club is a series of over 50 emails including information, tips, tricks and offers for building internet safety in the home. Read 2 out 5 emails every couple of weeks to make your kids much safer.

Talk Details

Talks start on time, last about 55 minutes, with questions directly and via chat. Questions will normally bring talk to 75 minutes.

Facebook More likely to be bullied with 1000's of followers.

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