Internet Safety Talks for Kids

Internet Safety Talks for Kids, Children

social media, kids, rules for parents and kids

Online or in Person!

We provide in person talks for schools, primary and secondary, either in person or in the lower-cost Zoom based option. Updated for 2022. Book now.

From 4 years of age upwards, we help kids, teens, schools and parents. We help people to be safe, to have fun and be the best version of themselves online, enjoying social media, gaming and their experiences online.

In 2022, the internet portals and companies want to keep their COVID-19 gains and profits. So the challenge is tougher than before.

  • Cyberbullying workshops, social media, esp. TikTok. ROBLOX
  • Fortnite, Minecraft use up 70% since C-19
  • Age sensitive content for kids from 4 years of age.

Internet safety to help schools, parents and their children

social media, kids, rules for parents and kids

We provide sensible easy to follow path to online safety, no rocket science, just common sense.    

In 2021, we have spoken to parents, students in nearly 30 countries world-wide including the UK, Ireland, Romania, Switzerland, France, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Subject to COVID-19 guidelines, we can provide speakers in person. Zoom talks are very effective indeed.

We offer internet safety talks for kids ages:

We know that Teachers, Schools, Boards and parents are already doing a great job without much help from anyone. We are here to help.

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During our interactive child safety talks, we share current internet safety facts and useful tips to stay safe online. All figures are based on 2021 classroom surveys.

Most children are familiar with basic internet safety rules, however, these are simply not enough to keep them safe online. Our talks re-enforce the necessity to follow these rules and create awareness about the latest issues facing their internet safety.

We explain the unpleasant consequences for some children on Social Media, and how to manage social media bullying. Cyberbullying is massive issue and needs to be addressed as early as possible.

It’s vitally important that kids are taught about the internet and its magnitude from as young as possible.

All evidence indicates that children who are taught how to use the internet safely and correctly gain valuable skills, have improved childhood development, and are more successful at everything they do. It is critical that constructive online habits are established by the age of 10/11 to help prevent sexting, bullying and hurt online.


We provide online safety speakers to Primary Schools worldwide in person and via Zoom. As kids, this is exactly the right time to instil the best habits online for Phone addiction, gaming and social media. 

Our online safety talks provide a different voice and some fresh ideas for students and teachers alike. 

For booking and details: Primary Schools


Age graded content appropriate for teenagers. Younger teenagers need different messaging to older teenagers. over the years we have varied Older teenagers need to be especially careful around online reputation. Bullying culture, Sexting, understanding the power of social media.

We always give it to teenagers in a straight powerful impactful way backed by real examples. We make sure teenagers understand the law surrounding online activity and the increasing power and abilities of the Police in tackling these abuses. 

For booking and details: Senior Schools


No longer the forgotten man, we spoke to thousands of parents on Zoom during COVID19 lockdown. We explain how social media works, what you can do, how to teach your kids to win online. Can technology like parental control make a difference?

What problems are typical for each age group. Gaming, Social Media, Sexting, Bullying, What is the right amount of time online for kids and adults alike. 

For booking and details: Parents


For the Parents

We are delighted to speak with Parents Groups. We will talk to parents before School, lunchtime or in the Evening. We do so in the knowledge that some parents are baffled by Phones, Social Media and hate the idea of Snapchat.

We update Parents on what we said to the kids during the time, pass on some tips and tricks for phone addicted kids

Safer Internet Day 2024

The next internet safety day is Tuesday 8th February 2024, hashtag #SID2024 with hundreds of countries taking part. 

Online Safety Speakers. For Schools, Parents & Businesses!

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Just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to say thank you so much. For us, I would say that was a really good turn out of parents- probably a third of families there. There is so much to get through and I think that will have been a really helpful summary. Thanks again.

Charlotte Whittle Headteacher, Stoke Row C.E. Primary School, (Email May 2021)

Thank you very much for yesterday evening's presentation.  We thought it was excellent and I would very much like to book you in for next year's

Mrs Gemma Mitchell Deputy Headteacher, St Hilarys Prepartory School (Email May 2023)

"Myself, and the senior classes of Strabraggan N.S. just attended the BeSecure Online zoom talk. The talk was very informative and proved very beneficial for the children. It was clear they learned some important information and ways to stay safe while using apps and online websites. I would definitely recommend the talk to other students and teachers.

Elaine Hamilton Strabraggan N.S

Spoke to over 300 parents, every child in the school from 7 years of age, we were very happy with the talks, and recommend their service strongly

Graine McGowan Mount Anville Primary

I think the children enjoyed the sessions too from the feedback I got. 

Thank you so much for giving the talks, great to hear about the behaviour. 

Rebecca Umney St Stephen's Catholic Primary, Bexley, (via email June 2021)

Your talk yesterday was incredible

Joan Devlin Foxrock Pastoral Centre, Co Dublin (via text)
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