Website Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy

information Privacy Statement & GDPR compliance

We respect your right to privacy about your interactions with the Internet Safety Talks and endeavour to guarantee clarity in our dealings with you about what information we will collect and how we will use your information. We collect and use individual user details where legally entitled. Information about personal data collected by Irish entities is available on, the website of the Irish Data Protection Commissioner. Internet Safety Talks has developed this privacy statement to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. 

The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices of Internet Safety Talks.

Much of the website is available to parents, teachers, safe guardians and carers without providing any personal information. When we register your details for our email club or parent's survey. All personal data is confidential and only used for the purpose intended.

We may contact you in the following instances:

  • For administration reasons related to the service to which you have contacted us, for example, in response to a question that you asked us.
  • To provide you with information about our services, activities or online content. You should only receive e-newsletters or similar correspondence and updates from if you have agreed to in response to any contact you have made with us, e.g. contact us form or resource order form. 
  • It will be made clear to you where you have these choices, for example, by providing tick boxes for you to decide whether you wish to receive e-newsletters. A valid email address, telephone number and name are required when a user contacts us via our website.

Users signing up for the Internet Safety Talks newsletter using a current valid email address. You can opt out from receiving the newsletter. There is an unsubscribe service. 

Contact us - [email protected]