Private Online Safety Talks for Families

Private Online Safety for Families

Private Online Safety Talks for Family

We do private family briefings for families, guardians, carers. Enquire here

Ages 4-7
  • No Social Media
  • Very controlled gaming.
  • Strict Rules-based culture Kids this age accept media content at face value
  • Easily frightened by violence, threats or dangers
  • Very vulnerable to advertisers.


  • Establish usage levels and internet rules at home.
  • Surfing age for kids, when parents aren’t supervising. 
  • Stranger Danger online. 
  • Developing their online defence, ‘My friends only’
  • Privacy Settings and recognising when someone may not be who they say they are.
  • Kindness online and how to avoid/deal with cyberbullying
  • Gaming, Social Media ( Instagram, Tik Tok)– Privacy 


  • Explore, Advice, Guidance
  • Danger of the written word on the net and its power
  • Bullying, Posting properly, Online behaviour?
  • Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok, 
  • Inappropriate things to share online 

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Parents and Guardians Online Safety Talk 

Review/Preview of the day & what was / will be said to the classes on the day
Best practice for their kids
Common sense guidelines & parental responsibilities 
Advice for managing younger/older children
Reasonable internet/gaming time
Can I look/demand to look at Kids/Teenagers phones?
What’s the law? Legal Issues, Can Police get involved?
Protecting your children
Helping your children lead happy lives at school, home and play 

We provide a range of talks aimed at all secondary school ages, from 1st year to TY and Leaving Cert students. The content varies slightly depending on age. Sessions run 45 minutes to 1 hour including questions and answers session.

12-15 years old Years Talks 

Online safety when using social media, from Snapchat to Instagram etc.
Cyberbullying – its effects, consequences, strategies for dealing with bullying online, whether it’s you or your friends. 
Sharing and content – what not to do; sexting, inappropriate selfies.

16-19 years old Talks 

Includes content above, but with more of a concentration on data privacy,
Online reputation and protecting yourself for the future. 
Legal implications of sharing sexualised content or unsolicited images or texts
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