Internet Safety Talks for Parents

Internet Safety Talks for Parents

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Making your Child, Teen safer online

  • Online safety talks for parents, on zoom 8 pm or earlier.
  • For parents of Kids, Tweens & Teenagers
  • Gaming, Social media, Bulling, Sexting, Online Reputation.

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Setting Up Games Folder on your Phone


30 second clip from Talk

99% recommended by parents to other parents

We poll attendees of each talk. The reaction has been great. 99% of people attending a parental/guardians talk online would recommend to other parents/guardians. 

For all parents

No matter how well-informed you are, we recommend you attend. You never know, you might learn something new.

What we cover

Junior, Senior, and 3rd level Parents

Facebook say

7 x more likely to be bullied by strangers than friends - Friends not Followers

Biggest Issues Junior/Primary School

  • Parental controls
  • Gaming, ROBLOX, Fortnite, Minecraft, Call of Duty.
  • Gaming. What is a Public Server?
  • The right amount of time online, phone or gaming
  • Social Media, especially TikTok
  • What is Snapchat? Is it dangerous for my child?

Senior School Parents

What we tell Senior School parents

  • Dealing with Sexting, Pictures, Porn 
  • TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram. We break all of them down.
  • Especially TikTok
  • Gaming - The Good, The Bad, The very Ugly
  • Learn to win, not lose online
  • The Police, The Law, Border Control, Encryption
  • Finally, Online Reputation, what it means for College, Jobs, careers, 

Online Predators work

  • What predators are doing online
  • How to spot a predator

Gaming for Parents

Settng rules for your kids to follow when gaming

Pre-session questionnaire Allows us to see your concerns & prepare the talk in advance. We have sample text for inviting parents to talk

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As a class teacher this has been so informative and I can’t wait to pass information to other teachers.

Taylor Brooks; Teacher, Kingway Primary, February 22nd 2022..

Thank you for a great presentation

Lorraine Bovington;Parent, Thorn Grove Primary, February 9th 2022, Zoom chat comment.

Graham presented a live online session to our parents about online safety. The uptake for this was much larger then we have had previously for ‘face to face’ presentations and is certainly the way to go we feel. The content was spot on and covered areas that were both generic and also parent led (based on the pre-presentation questionnaires completed by our parents). Graham has an extensive knowledge of current trends to be aware of in such areas as social media, Youtube, Google, and has easy to follow steps on how to ensure students / children access these safely. His website BeSecureOnline also has a vast amount of information that our parents who attended can now access. I’d recommend Graham Mulhern everytime.

Jamie Macdonald-Brown Assistant Headteacher - Head of Inclusion, Twyford CofE High School, London Email Nov 2021

Parents and I thought you were engaging; it became apparent when we unmuted our mics, for everyone to share their gratitude. It has since made me consider many more app settings. We will look into sustaining such practical cybersecurity discussions at our school, in a practical and matter-of-fact manner during our co-curricular space. I would be more than happy to give you a recommendation for your service. With appreciation for your engagement, and until next time.

Viktor Novakovski American International School of Bucharest. Feb2021

Very grateful for talk, delivered in 40 minutes as requested, good Job!

Barclays CapitalLondon, Sept 2021

Thank you so much, a lovely talk, delivered perfectly and effectively for our Schools parents, Gracias'.

Verónica Sánchez SEK Qatar. Jan 2021

Talk was amazing, Thank you.

Natasha Drew Blackrock College. March 2018

A perfect Lunch & Learn talk for our team all over Europe, nearly 100 people there. Tips, tricks and interesting facts. The Poll at the end said 100% of attendees would recommend talk, I've never seen anyone even ask that question in a Zoom Poll. 

AliX Partners, London, Rome Nov 2021 

Thanks very much to Graham for delivering a really interesting talk (Zoom) for all the parents of our school. The talk really uncovered and showcased to us all how many of the new Apps that we know are on our children's phones / tablets / playstations, but really didn't know anything about. Many of our parents commented that they were 'shocked' at the revelations but that they now felt better equipped to put measures in place to protect their children online thanks to the advice on this presentation. One of our parents summed it up best, "I just felt that the children, even the youngest ones, were so far ahead of me in terms of what they know about these gadgets, at least now I've caught up, I still haven't passed them out, but I know now how to set the privacy settings which means a lot to me". A very informative, interesting and well run presentation..

Matthew McArdle Redeemer School Parents. Feb 2021

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