Andy Briercliffe

Andy Briercliffe | International Cyber Safety Expert for Children

Andy Briercliffe, internet safety speaker

I have been in the landscape of Online Safety for over 12 yrs, with a background in specialist Law Enforcement (NCA) dealing with the myriad of harmful reported content. Liaising with all global organisations, law enforcement agencies, charities and NGOs to identify victims and offenders and enhance the capabilities of tackling the prevalence of reported content. My work has included dealing with cyber bullying, hate, graphic content, suicide and self harm, with a specific knowledge focus on Child Safety and the online sexual exploitation of child. I was a CSE Lead at a major global social media company tackling the problems on the front line, including working cross functionally with other departments, such as product design, legal and also policy implementation.

I have also worked as a Consultant and worked with charities, organisations, law enforcement and tech development companies across the whole landscape of Trust and Safety topics, both on a National and International level.

My knowledge and experience has been sought by many and I currently sit on various committees and forums within the T&S/Child Safety environment, and am privileged to liaise with most of the Organisations in the UK dealing with Online Safety, such as Ofcom, DSIT, NCA, NSPCC amongst many many others.