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Our site MD rated Neil Sinclair's talk 5 out of 5. Best Speaker of the day

Victoria Cassidy Solvay Interox Ltd, Manchester

I have just come from the classrooms, students are loving it, Thank you so much Fiona!

Teunika Carstens Safeguarding Lead, Ruislip High School, Middlesex.

The feedback was great from the students

Natasha Drew | Guidance Counsellor Blackrock College, Co Dublin

Your talk yesterday was incredible

Joan Devlin Foxrock Pastoral Centre, Co Dublin

Graham presented a live online session to our parents about online safety. The uptake for this was much larger then we have had previously for ‘face to face’ presentations and is certainly the way to go we feel. The content was spot on and covered areas that were both generic and also parent led (based on the pre-presentation questionnaires completed by our parents). Graham has an extensive knowledge of current trends to be aware of in such areas as social media, Youtube, google, and has easy to follow steps on how to ensure students / children access these safely. His website BeSecureOnline also has a vast amount of information that our parents who attended can now access. I’d recommend Graham Mulhern everytime.

Mr J Macdonald-Brown Assistant Headteacher Twyford Church of England High School,Acton, London