Paul Croker - Cyber Security Speaker

Paul Croker | Cyber Security, Internet Safety & GDPR Talks

Paul Croker, UK GDPR Speaker, cyber security
Paul brings his different approach to the world of IT, tech, and security. Paul has spoken at in-person and virtual events for Pax8, IT Europa, and has appeared on various podcasts in the IT space talking to people in both a technical and non-technical way. Paul is one of our most requested speakers.

Paul has worked for large organisations such as Thales Alenia Space heading the UK IT and CISO Programs. He helps IT Support companies with addressing the gaps in IT with policies and sharing his experiences.

Paul is a member of the CompTIA Global ISAO steering committee which spans the globe, helping IT businesses deal with and focus on the challenges they and their clients face in cyberspace. Helping to make businesses more secure by adding layers and addressing the gaps.

Paul also has two podcasts, which he uses to help forge better connections with vendors and sharing insights from business leaders who have something interesting to say.

Paul is the Founding Partner of 18it in Bristol, England.