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Improve your Teens Online Reputation and future in 2022

If you want to be a teenage delinquent online, have a lousy online reputation, and be an online lout. Don't bother reading this article. Building a great online reputation in 2022.

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Cyber Flashing Online Safety Laws don't go far enough

New UK laws are to be the fiercest online safety rules in the world. Cyber flashing is now illegal, social media portals will be liable for their user content, huge fines, jail time for executives. Porn sites are to enforce age verification.  But nothing for schools, parents.

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What is sexting?

If you, or some you love, has been involved in a sexting incident. What can you do? Sexting is a crime with serious consequences for everybody involved. Here's what we know and what we can do for you. This article is for schools, parents, businesses.

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I've just seen a picture of my naked picture daughter on social media! Help!

One of the most distressing things a parent can see is naked pictures of their teenage child online, sexting. Here's how we address how to deal with this issue, the services we can provide to schools, parents and businesses to help people recover from sexting.

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