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Loot Boxes - The Devil makes work for idle hands

Loot boxes are the perfect argument. One side says there are voracious money-grabbing, gambling-inducing, soulless money bots and should not be let near children ever. The other side says they are harmless and nice little addition to a gamer's enjoyment of Minecraft, ROBLOX etc. 

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Online Safety Rules, Guidelines for the 5 - 8 year olds in your life

What you as parents say and do now will set the tone in your home for how kids will use their devices and behave online and on devices. It's not a democracy, it's your home. Tips and tricks of the trade to make sure your kids win online.

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Discord, Gamers favourite chatbox, wants to be more. Plus how good do we rate it

Discord, a popular instant messaging service among gamers, gets the IST treatment. Discord was founded in 2015 by two video gamers and now has 140 million monthly active users. Users are drawn to the site because of the emphasis on live chat, messages, and community development. There is no advertising, no forced feed, and no algorithms.

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Guide for your Under 4 year old on Devices, Internet.

Practical steps for kids under 4 years of age. They may not have a phone, but they know how to use them. Here are some great tips, tricks for managing them. Games, In-App purchasing, Microphones. 

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Cyberbullying facts and advice for parents, children and young people

Cyberbullying is an enormous problem for schools, students and parents alike. Social Media and gaming platforms must be used properly and positively. Social Media portals are not bushes to hide behind and used as grenades to hurt other kids. 

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