Online Safety Rules, Guidelines for the 5 - 8 year olds in your life

Parents; Teach your kid aged 5 - 8 to win online today!

internet safety, parental control for kids aged 5-8 year of age
Expert advice for parents managing kids aged 5-8

Take Control

When should you give your kids their first phone? Some parents want to wait until secondary school (which is almost impossible), others are happy to give a five-year-old a phone. Nobody is wrong. Can't wait; here are some suggestions for what to do when you give your kids their first phone/device.

Some Rules and Guidelines

1. Hand over your device when I ask.
2. Agree 'Time Limits' per day
3. Block what you don't like
4. Tell them what they can't do
5. Older brothers and sisters are not to interfere (easier said than done)
6. Use paid parental control
7. These rules need to form future habits
8. Kids should be happy with your rules & limits
9. That's enough rules.

'I would recommend BeSecureOnline every time for a parent's talk'

Jamie Mcdonald-Brown Twyford C of E High School, London

More Tips

  1. Give kids the same phone as you, even your old or new one.
  2. Place all games in one Folder. Switch off Wi-Fi to stop advertisers.
  3. No online gaming  - or on Public Servers. :> Checks suitability of games. 


Five things a child must never share online 

Expensive but sensible

  • When you get a new phone, give the youngest your old phone. 
  • If you are like me, you end up giving the new phone to the kid.
  • Apple, Samsung have basic family controls for parents
apple screentime for parental control, kids online safety

Limits by App, social media, and entertainment can be set by Mum & Dad. 

UK Government Research 5-7 years of age

August 2022 - We are waiting on updates to these figures

  • 63% games online as much as 7.5 hours weekly
  • 42% own a tablet
  • 70% watch YouTube for funnies, games, cartoons 
  • 82% online 9 hours a week

Games & PEGI (dot) INFO

One great thing about gaming is there is a single source website where parents can check the suitability of all games.  For parents to make the right decisions when buying video games.

PEGI provides age classifications for video games in 38 European countries. The age rating confirms that the game is appropriate for players of a certain age. PEGI considers the age suitability of a game, not the level of difficulty.

Check PEGI before permitting your kid to download or buy a game. Here is how PEGI rates a game.

Is YouTube Still Safe for Kids?

Sadly, this once great portal is not what it was. Too many money bots tracking kids, too many 'Fake News' ultra profane Influencers, and too much advertising, especially since the start of COVID-19. They've burrowed their way into the money following Google.  

As of August 2022, we don't think it is an appropriate place for kids to wander alone. Like TikTok, it needs heavy supervision. Do not let kids watch alone.

If they are watching, here's a quick checklist

  • Keep an eye on what your kids are watching,
  • Where they are watching, preferably in your eye line
  • Check who they like, Check out their preferred personalities, and influencers. 
  • Remember, Influencers know Mum only tends to watch for the first 90 seconds
  • Switch on Restricted mode, and use the kids' version of YouTube 
  • IMPORTANT - Keep them near you with the volume turned up, no headphones, EarPods.

And what about Google?

  • Nope, Simple. Don't let your child near Google
  • - A search engine that doesn't track you
  • We will do a whole article another day

The trouble with Free Family Protection 

Apple Screentime for iOS, OSX is limited but is a start. Google Family Link is buggy and gets poor reviews. Other free apps on Play Store don’t score well either. Check pricing for 

Now for some good things!

What’s in it for you. The Benefits
Kids who behave better
Kids that exercise more, sleep, and eat better.
Kids that do as asked
Kids who study better, do better in school
Kids who don’t get bullied online
Kids with longer attention spans
Healthier, fitter, stronger kids.
They can still play Fortnite. We are not stopping them, just not all-day

From our ebook - How to protect your kids online

Don't feel guilty about your kid's screen time if your kid is learning, why not download some educational games-based apps? Here are some suggestions for spellingstimes tables. Most have multiplayer functions, friends, and siblings can compete against each other. 

Borrow a library book

Having a phone on hand means your child need never be without reading material. Avoid eyestrain,  try limiting the time they spend reading on their phone.

Libraries hire out children’s e-books that can be accessed on your phone.  We like the look of the app Overdrive featuring a collection of dozens of kids’ books, comics and magazines, from Biff, Chip and Kipper to The Beano. 

We have linked the kids' version of it, which includes borrowing copies of Harry Potter, comics, many fun books. Link here :>

Libraries everywhere are lifting their game for kids with smartphones. some have a drop-in and scan service, or simply register. 

Junior Photographer.

Build their visual creativity with the cameras on their phone. A picture is worth a thousand words 1. Filters 2. Composition 3. Colourisation 4. Editing 5. Effects

Keep Fit

Download any one of 100s of fitness apps. Bingo fitter kids.

Help out around the House

Life is full of learning opportunities for kids, and a smartphone to the mix could make your child a more willing helper.

Lookup a recipe on the phone, and follow the instructions to bake a cake, take charge of the weekly shopping list using an online supermarket, plan a route for a day trip, check the weather forecast before a family outing: a simple way to use a phone practically

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