Jezza rages at kids vids as storing up future trouble

Teenagers will live to regret their videos.

JeremyClarkson, teenagers, social media
Jeremy's word of wisdom shines a light on teenagers and social media, online reputation.

The wisdom of Jezza

Jeremy Clarkson, the most sensible man in the world, has spoken about teenagers and social media. He enters the fray with some common sense remarks about teenagers and their online posting habits, telling teenagers not to post videos flashing their knickers, arguing with police or vomiting. Oblivious to the irony, Jeremy has more to say.


Jeremy Clarkson, teenagers, online reputation,
The cleverest man in the world now owns a pub, hates teenagers, advises on online reputation, social media and parenting 

Unsteady foundations

The 'Clarksons Farm' host says those teenagers behaving badly in videos on TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram are building a 'ridiculous' foundation for their lives. 

The former Top Gear presenter said kids will only have themselves to blame if the videos returned to haunt them in later life.   'This isn't adults forcing their own warped ideas into young people's lives" he added. Building a good online reputation.

'I would recommend BeSecureOnline every time for a parent's talk'

Jamie Mcdonald-Brown Twyford C of E High School, London

drunk, social media, TikTok, Instagram,
It's all about the future, and consequences. Teenagers on social media and the damage being done.

It's kids doing to themselves - building foundations for their lives which are so ridiculous they're going to come a cropper. No one who's posted a photograph of themselves on the lavatory is ever to become prime minister. When today's kids look back in 40 years' time, I forced them to admit that no one made them upload a picture of themselves vomiting on a Tube- train at 5 am.

Simple straightforward from the greatest man in the world.

Final Word - More like Jeremy, please.

Does it really matter where this advice is coming from? Jeremy Clarkson is a popular figure with some swagger despite his epic baggage, even if the message is bland. With Facebook lying, obfuscating about Instagram and damage being done to girls. The shameful lack of progress against social media and big tech behemoths. No meaningful action is being taken by Government, and educators to reform social media, leaving Schools and parents short-changed. We need more Jeremys'.


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