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WhatsApp lowers minimum age to 13 in Europe!

WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, drops the minimum age for its messaging service from 16 to 13 in the UK, Ireland and Europe. This follows a similar shift in other countries, including Australia, New Zealand and the USA.


1. Web content Blocking for Kids

2. Fortnite is back in the App Store


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The Parents guide to Cyberbullying and How to stop it destroying your kid?

The effects of cyberbullying range from anxiety and feelings of loneliness to self-harm and sometimes even suicide. Cyberbullying on social media can be hard to spot, but parents can take steps to prevent it.

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Are your 5 - 8 years old kids online? Take Back Control

When should kids start online? Is there a particular age that is best? Or is it best to let them start early? The truth is nobody knows. Here are some simple rules to help you to begin safety with their first device.


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Why Parents Find Online Safety Talks for Kids Invaluable

As a parent, it's time to have an online safety talk with your children. The internet has revolutionised how we communicate and access information. However, it's also a place where your children can see harmful content, cyberbullying, and online predators. By having a conversation about online safety, you can help them understand the potential risks and how to navigate the digital world safely. 

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The Dangers of TikTok for Kids: What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to be aware of potential dangers on TikTok, including cyberbullying, exposure to inappropriate content, and peer pressure to create and share inappropriate videos. Setting boundaries is vital to their child's use of the app.

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TikTok & Instagram move to improve safety for kids and prevent laws requiring them to do so.

Instagram and TikTok smell the coffee. Change is coming, legislation, regulation and user registration. Fewer users, content moderation and lower profitability.

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Jezza rages at kids vids as storing up future trouble

Jeremy Clarkson, clearly the greatest man in the world and newly minted farming advocate has spoken about teenagers and social media, nothing earth shattering, just common sense.

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Is Safer Internet Day a waste of time. Yes, Here is Why

Safer internet day is out of date, and #SID doesn't work. Online safety has expanded into separate themes. Social media, gaming, phone addiction, bullying and sexting need to be tackled separately because they are all different. Different strokes for different folks. 

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Keeping YouTube Safe for Kids in 2022

YouTube is the 2nd most popular site on the internet. Here's an updated 2022 review on keeping your kids safe on YouTube, including a Restricted Mode and YouTube for kids. Is kid's YouTube safe at all. Do Google even care?

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TikTok mimics Instagram going for the happy vibe

TikTok is one of the most popular apps ever, so successful that kids are flocking to it. TikTok is pressing YouTube hard for kid's famously short attention spans. Now TikTok has taken more steps to make viewers behave better, which is great.

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