After 4 years Fortnite returns to the iPhone And it's a massive pain for Parents

Battle Royale is exactly what it means, a battle to the last man standing

Epic Games are returning to Apple Store in the EU first, then UK.

After a three-and-a-half-year absence, Fortnite characters like Agent Jones and Peely are returning to iOS. The official Fortnite account posted about Fortnite on iOS."How bout we bring that back." and added: "Apple, the world is watching."

Fortnite for iOS is only returning to EU iPhones, not US or UK. 

Boys love Fortnite

  • 85% plus of the Fortnite are boys
  • 70% of Fortnite players are under 24
  • Average play time per week is 6-10 hours (seems low)

Why is this important for schools and parents?

That's simple Fortnite is one of the Top 3 most popular games for kids, making is available across EU, to be followed by US & UK will be a huge challenge for parents and schools making everyone's life more difficult.

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Rules for Gamer

  • Use False Names, never tell anyone your name, where you live
  • Look after yourself, and take breaks. Don't overplay.
  • There is no cheap currency in Games, only buy currency from Game
  • All purchasing must be approved by parents, guardian
  • Disable In-App purchasing, Delete Debit cards too
  • Block, report, and ignore all strangers, weirdos and bullies
  • Use a VPN to protect your young gamers
  • We recommend you don't buy Loot Boxes


Peely loves gamers, interent safety talks for schools
Peely is one of Agent Jones' best friends and one of the most important members of the Seven's Resistance.

Fortnite is only returning to EU users

Fortnite characters like Agent Jones and Peely are returning to iOS after a three-and-a-half-year absence. The official Fortnite account told its followers about the availability of Fortnite on iOS.

Fortnite, the popular video game, returns to iPhones after four years. Epic Games, the developer of the game, will now be permitted to operate its app store on Apple devices following the enactment of new EU law aimed at building competition. Currently, iPhone users are restricted to downloading apps solely from Apple's App Store. However, in March, Apple will have to allow its customers to access alternative app stores on iOS devices purchased in the EU.

Apple has always claimed that its policies safeguard users' security. Epic Games removed Fortnite from the App Store because of a disagreement with Apple's policies. Since 2020, Fortnite has not been available in the App Store, available online from Epic only. Apple is accused of forcing customers and developers to use its channels and charging developers a commission of up to 30%. Developers not meeting Apple's standards or paying its fees are excluded from millions of Apple device users.

The Digital Markets Act of the EU has enabled Epic Games to reintroduce Fortnite to iPhones. This new law regulates the most prominent companies that act as gatekeepers to services, such as search engines and app stores, in order to create a fairer market for both established and smaller firms.

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UK Law not ready 

The UK's Digital Markets Bill, which is currently going through Parliament, is likely to put Apple's practices under similar regulatory scrutiny.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said on X there was a lot of "hot garbage in Apple's announcement," including "junk fees on downloads." He may be referring to the core technology fee, which charges developers of apps that are downloaded by over a million people. Developers will have to pay €0.50 for every user who downloads their app, after the first million downloads. This is a charge to the makers of apps, not to the customers.

Apple will allow EU users to choose another browser instead of Safari from the start. However, this could pose security risks as malware and fraud could be hidden within apps from other sources.

"The changes we're announcing today comply with the Digital Markets Act's requirements in the European Union while helping to protect EU users from the unavoidable increased privacy and security threats this regulation brings," is what Apple had to say.

"For apps that use alternative payment processing, Apple will not be able to issue refunds and will have less ability to support customers encountering issues, scams, or fraud."

Android users have access to a wider range of app stores. However, this has resulted in a higher number of malware attacks on Android devices compared to Apple devices. The European Union has introduced new regulations, and the UK has proposed new rules to ensure a fair and competitive market, allowing multiple companies to operate together successfully.

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