Is YouTube Safe for Kids in 2023? Here's our parent's guide!

young boy on YouTube, internet safety
They start young on YouTube!

Tips, Tricks and Advice for Parents

As a parent, you need to be sure your children are safe. Let's explore whether YouTube is safe for kids in 2023 and discuss some tips to make them safer. Would you let your 8-year-old walk down a red-light street in Amsterdam? No, you would not! Email us for Parents Booking

  • Watch YouTube near me with no headphones, earbuds
  • The volume is just high enough so I can hear
  • 30-minute limit for very young kids

YouTube is still one of the most popular platforms for kids to watch videos, but is it safe? This guide will explore the safety of YouTube for kids in 2023 and provide tips to help parents keep their children protected. 

Start with some simple non-tech tips. Parents who use these simple tips report great success. YouTube is not a pacifier or a child-minder. Happily, the new post-C-19 work-from-home makes it easier for parents to manage their kids online.

Limit Access with Parental Controls.

Parents should take advantage of the parental control features on YouTube to limit inappropriate content. YouTube Kids offers a range of parental controls, including the ability to 

  • Set a timer for how long your child can use the app
  • Restrict access to inappropriate videos or channels, 
  • Turn off the search functionality. 
  • Restricted Mode filters out mature content. Use it. Don't rely on it! 

YouTube, like TikTok, relies on a mixture of hand curation and machine bot curation to stop creators from uploading dodgy content. But it is not enough. Dodgy stuff still gets through. Using these child-friendly and easy-to-use features, you ensure your child's safety online while they enjoy YouTube. 

Monitor Your Child's Activity on YouTube.

Monitor your kid's activity on YouTube to ensure they are not accessing inappropriate content. Regularly check;

  • Kids watch history and subscriptions,
  • Set up alerts for any new videos they watch. 
  • Open and honest conversations with your child about internet safety
  • The importance of reporting any concerning content they come across. 

Be vigilant and proactive, with a little effort, you will keep your child safe while they enjoy the content on YouTube.

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young boy on YouTube, internet safety
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Educate Your Child on Safe Online Behavior.

Educate your child on safe online behaviour. Teach them about the dangers of 

  • Sharing personal information
  • Stranger danger
  • Accessing inappropriate content. 

5 things kids must never share

  • Name
  • Age Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email 

Encourage your child to come to you if they ever feel uncomfortable or unsure about something they see online. Fostering open communication and providing guidance, you can help your child navigate the online world safely and confidently. Five things a child must never share

Consider Alternative Video Platforms for Kids.

While YouTube has implemented measures to make its platform safer for kids, it’s always a good idea to consider alternative platforms intended for children. 

It’s important to research and to review any platform before allowing your child to use it and to monitor their online activity. - List and rate all games for all gamers - A very useful site.

First, this conversation ought to have never taken place. Second, it shows how clever people can be when entrapping children online. Email us for School Booking

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