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First confirmed AI-generated images of child sexual abuse

Child Sexual abuse “For members of the public – some of this material would be utterly indistinguishable from a real image of a child being sexually abused. Having more of this material online makes the internet a more dangerous place.”


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TikTok & Instagram move to improve safety for kids and prevent laws requiring them to do so.

Instagram and TikTok smell the coffee. Change is coming, legislation, regulation and user registration. Fewer users, content moderation and lower profitability.

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Cyber Flashing Online Safety Laws don't go far enough

New UK laws are to be the fiercest online safety rules in the world. Cyber flashing is now illegal, social media portals will be liable for their user content, huge fines, jail time for executives. Porn sites are to enforce age verification.  But nothing for schools, parents.

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Guide for your Under 4 year old on Devices, Internet.

Practical steps for kids under 4 years of age. They may not have a phone, but they know how to use them. Here are some great tips, tricks for managing them. Games, In-App purchasing, Microphones. 

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