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The Parents guide to Cyberbullying and How to stop it destroying your kid?

The effects of cyberbullying range from anxiety and feelings of loneliness to self-harm and sometimes even suicide. Cyberbullying on social media can be hard to spot, but parents can take steps to prevent it.

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First confirmed AI-generated images of child sexual abuse

Child Sexual abuse “For members of the public – some of this material would be utterly indistinguishable from a real image of a child being sexually abused. Having more of this material online makes the internet a more dangerous place.”


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Why Parents Find Online Safety Talks for Kids Invaluable

As a parent, it's time to have an online safety talk with your children. The internet has revolutionised how we communicate and access information. However, it's also a place where your children can see harmful content, cyberbullying, and online predators. By having a conversation about online safety, you can help them understand the potential risks and how to navigate the digital world safely. 

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Why 99% of Parents recommend our Online Safety Talk for Parents

Book an online safety talk for parents today and find out why 99% of all parents would recommend our parents talk to other parents. Yes, it is really true, parents love our talks. They really do. They say it gives them the confidence to take back control at home. Simple Tips, straight talking. Remember, it's your home! You rule.

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TikTok in the hot Seat

As you will have heard, the US & European governments are in the midst of a full-on panic about TikTok, the Chinese-owned video app best known for inspiring teens to try out new dance moves.

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Thinking about giving your kid a Phone - Read this first

Like the title, don't give a child a smartphone without reading this first. We have some excellent advice for parents thinking of giving kids their first smartphone. Remember, there is no right age for giving a child a phone. Your 8-year-old might be ready, but your ten-year-old might not be. You will never regret laying down the law about smartphones, social media, and gaming. 

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Unlocking the Benefits of TikTok for Kids: A Guide for Parents

Got Kids who love TikTok, Here is some straight talk for parents. Kids will use TikTok anyway, so this is the best way to set up TikTok safely. And No, your kid's social media is not private. Kids should expect you the parent to control their use of TikTok. These Rules, Guidelines are for you and your Kids. Because You said so.

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Loot Boxes - The Devil makes work for idle hands

Loot boxes are the perfect argument. One side says there are voracious money-grabbing, gambling-inducing, soulless money bots and should not be let near children ever. The other side says they are harmless and nice little addition to a gamer's enjoyment of Minecraft, ROBLOX etc. 

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Online Safety Rules, Guidelines for the 5 - 8 year olds in your life

What you as parents say and do now will set the tone in your home for how kids will use their devices and behave online and on devices. It's not a democracy, it's your home. Tips and tricks of the trade to make sure your kids win online.

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72% of parents admit to having No Clue how to start their Kids Aged 3 or 4 Online!

As internet use grows, learn about the steps you can take to improve your kid's positive behaviour online and how you can teach your child to stay safe when gaming, online or simply on her devices

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