Here's why you should be using VPN when gaming in Fortnite too!

It is a good idea to use VPN when gaming.

Fortnite is a super fun game, but do players need VPN protection. Here’s what we think about VPN for gamers and a few of the reasons they should seriously consider VPN for gaming.

So, let's talk about why people use VPN for gaming and some of the extra unexpected benefits of using VPN for gaming.  

Have you been banned by Fortnite from playing Fortnite?

Fortnite doesn't specifically ban named users but it bans people by their IP addresses which means a VPN would be able to get around this issue.

It's normally cheaters at epic games bans from Fortnite, however other users have been mistakenly banned by the company as well, this is not uncommon with large online portals such as Facebook, Microsoft and others. it's very difficult to reverse these bands so VPN is your only option. 

Epic Games servers spot the blacklisted IP address and refuse entry for the gamer. VPN will help the gamer get back into the game.

Here's how – it’s an online tool that “hides” IP address from Fortnite’s servers.

  1. Connect your device to the VPN service.
  2. When connected, all your traffic to Fortnite is routed through the VPN server.
  3. Fortnite will only see the VPN server’s IP address and as that address doesn’t have any restrictions linked to it, you should get access to the game.

Other Reasons to Use a Fortnite VPN

Here are some other great reasons to use VPN

1. Most ISP's limit bandwidth at peak hours

although they don't admit it, it is well known that ISP's limit service at peak network usage hours to prevent traffic congestion. If you love playing Fortnite at all hours you will definitely get caught in bandwidth throttling.

ISP's have been known to reduce their capacity to Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox and GTA servers by up to 50% to make sure that their Netflix customers don't get affected.

When using Fortnite VPN your ISP cannot see who you are communicating with and will therefore be less likely to throttle your service.

  • They’ll see you’re connected to the VPN server’s IP address, so simply put they just won't see the Fortnite servers.
  • Fortnite VPN servers will prevent your ISP from analysing your data packets Which is exactly what you want

So they won't be able to selectively throttle your ISP address.

2. Lower Lag & Faster Pings

Every gamer knows they want their game to move nice and fast to react immediately with no lag and high-speed pings.

Whilst there is no guarantee of improved performance and therefore enjoyment of the game.  There is a good chance that using VPN you will be able to successfully run your game faster.

Your traffic will be more direct. For example, let's say you're in southern Italy or Greece you can connect directly to the UK servers to improve performance. This should mean less ping and lag.

There's more good news too because there's plenty of things a user can do to improve VPN performance, here's some of them.

  • If connecting to a VPN server in the UK always connect to the London option first. Plus, Fortnite’s UK server is based in London
  • Using OpenVPN is very resource-intensive. Try L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2, SoftEther, or WireGuard options. Go to your VPN providers YouTube page to see how to do this.
  • Use wired connections. If that's not possible get as close to the router as you can. Also, try TP-link range extenders.
  • All games are very resource hungry, switch off all applications in the background. If using a desktop or laptop restart the machine and then start the game on its own.

3. DDoS attacks are a growing international menace

A DDoS attack is when someone forces so much data at your network IP address that it simply shuts down preventing all other traffic. depending on the strength and the extent of the attack you may be down for days or weeks. In many cases, you will need an IT professional to re-establish a router. With hundreds of millions of people working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, this is clearly a disaster.

Sadly, DDoS attacks are normal in Fortnite. Players complain about them on Reddit, and even pro players have been accused of using them.

Why are they so 'popular'?

Available on the deep web for $10 per hour, even entry-level Fortnite gamers are resorting to these attacks. Sadly there are YouTube guides on how to perform a simple low-level DOS attack as well, which have not been taken down. At the end of 2020, it is said that the Russian Secret Service rounded up dozens of these DDoS attackers in the Moscow area.

Freedome VPN Perfect for gaming on Phones

Freedome VPN recommended by Financial Times

So how does a Fortnite VPN help?

Using a fortnight specialist VPN service such as Nord VPN hackers will be unable to launch a DDoS attack against you because they can't see your IP address and they won't waste their time trying to attack the Nord VPN server. Although in 2016 one VPN service provider was attacked and down for several days.

4. Unblock Fortnite If It’s Banned or Region-Locked

Fortnite is banned in some countries. You either can’t download the game due to or the governments force ISPs to block Fortnite’s site and servers with firewalls. Britain’s Prince Harry also had a rant against Fortnite in the past although is busy on other matters lately, and installing a VPN won’t overcome his objections.

Fortnite is banned in many regions across the Middle East as well as Tibet, Nepal.

Chinese Fortniters are subject to limits and controls, for example, you have to put up with region locks. Chinese players can only play with other Chinese players. 

Chinese service Tencent and Epic Games recently introduced a 3-hour gaming limit for all Chinese Fortnite. Apparently, after three hours of gameplay, you get a notification saying you’ve been playing for too long. If you continue, performance will be reduced. This is in response to Chinese parent’s concerns about parental controls and childhood addiction gaming addiction.

Whichever the case, a VPN for Fortnite can solve the problem. You just use a VPN server in a country where Fortnite is available and doesn’t have limited gameplay, and you’re good to go.

We have an excellent VPN that can unblock Fortnite for you on the spot. It should easily keep you safe from Fortnite IP bans, DDoS attacks, bandwidth throttling, and more.

Sign up now for our five-day trial. You will get access to all our features. So let's get gaming and take your VPN service to the next level. There's a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Does Fortnite Work with a VPN?

All high-end portals such as Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox have VPN detectors And there is no doubt that the battle between these portals and VPN providers is only set to increase. we strongly recommend that you avoid all free VPN's that sell your information many of whom are Chinese.

Before signing up with any provider, make sure that you do your research and find a reputable high-end VPN provider who is here for the long term, who has a good technical reputation, and a good name for support such as Nord VPN

Having done that short background check and install VPN on your device and your router should be able to play Fortnite using VPN forever.

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It is a good idea to use VPN when gaming.

How to Play Fortnite with VPN Services

It’s really easy. We’ll break it down for you in four simple steps:

  • Sign up for a free trial
  • Download and install VPN on all devices
  • Run the VPN client, and connect to a VPN server
  • Connect To your nearest VPN server.  
  • Startup Fortnite, and enjoy the game while the VPN runs in the background

Is it possible to get banned using a VPN on Fortnite?

Epic games don't mention VPN on their terms of service page Epic Games’ ToS page Epic games is now a very large company and like all large companies, they reserve their rights to do anything they want to. But for the moment it is both sensible and legal to use a VPN service on Fortnite.  

“Epic also has the right to terminate your access to all or part of the Services for any or no reason, including without limitation, any violation of these Terms. Epic may exercise these rights at any time, without notice or liability to you or any third party.”

Plus, there are several posts in Reddit and Quora where Fornite players say that VPN users can end in a ban. However, this is not the general experience

You should also try getting a dedicated IP address if your provider offers them. That way, you don’t need to worry about other VPN users getting your VPN IP address blacklisted by breaking the Community Rules. Some ISP providers will charge for static IP addresses.

Can You Use Free VPNs for Fortnite?

You can,  however, many of these VPN providers are Chinese and have no respect for data privacy and will be selling your user details to anyone who will pay.  And Fortnite may ban your IP address shortly after you start using it, remember it's not your IP addresses but the VPN providers IP address.

Free VPN providers do not make enough money to sustain a properly resource VPN service

Don't forget you’ll also have to put up with annoying ads (some of which might be malicious), little to no support, limited bandwidths & slow speeds.

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