Internet Parenting, What can I do? What's my responsibility?

The internet has a huge influence in our day to day lives – impacting us both negatively and positively.

Although it’s hard to control internet usage, there are steps you can take to manage the amount of control it has over your household. Our internet safety talks for kids and parents being one of them.

What Parents Want Most!

Block Apps, Games
Daily Time Limits
Age Sensitive
Easy to Use, Support Available

Internet safety talks for parents

Screen usage has doubled in 20 years, with some kids spending upto 8 hours a day online. In addition – kids are eating more and exercising less, while some are cutting out offline socialising all together.

Although the internet enables us to access information and knowledge from almost anywhere in the world – it also has the ability to expose your children to adult vices.

Setting rules in your household to control internet usage is now critical – you may not be popular amongst your children, but limits and controls will help to ensure their internet safety.

During our internet safety talks for kids & parents we discuss the following topics.

Kids are obsessed with Fortnite, Roblox, Snapchat

  • What are they?
  • How to control and limit their use
  • Establishing good habits, house rules not guidelines – but real rules
  • Learning to log off
  • Is Fortnite is truly addictive?

Parenting, What can I do? What's my responsibility?

  • World Health Organisation, upto 95% of internet chatter isn’t harmful. It’s the 5% killing us.
  • What is internet Parental Control? What options are there?
  • Can I see their stories, posts, tweets?
  • How many hours a day should my child be online? What age should they start?
  • Are there legal implications?
  • Products you can use to enforce your controls.

Primary School Parenting Issues

  • What is social media? Instagram, Snapchat, Tok?
  • Does prohibition work - No it doesn’t. So what’s allowable, limits?
  • What is Geo locating, SnapMaps?
  • Example of good/bad posting habits for Girls/Boy
  • Sexting now an issue for 6th class

Internet Rules of the Road

  • Stanger danger
  • Blocking, Friending, Unfriendling, Deleting, Closing Down
  • Should parents approve new friends? New Apps for download?
  • What internet safety measure are free? Will paying for protection make a difference?
  • Limiting Social Media in privacy mode - ‘My Friends only’
  • House rules for internet usage - making and keeping to house rules

Let’s talk about Sexting

  • Yes, we will because it is totally relevant especially for 6th class

What can parents do?

  • What can I do?
  • What can I see, am I not entitled to see their stories, posts, tweets?
  • Are their legal implications

BeSecureOnline Safety Talks – Internet safety for Kids

That’s a flavour of what will be discussed on the evening.

Contact us for more information about booking an internet safety talk.

Films get a grade, The internet doesn’t.
You’re the censor.


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