Free Antivirus Software - An Affordable Friend or A Costly Foe?

A lot of people try going without antivirus or they use a free antivirus such AVG Free. However, there are several serious factors you need to consider before siding with free antivirus software or none at all.

We've listed a few below...

I can resist anything but Chocolate – who needs an Antivirus?

Today the internet is chocolate. It’s meant to be delicious and tempting, although it wasn’t intended to be this way - it is now!

Can you really resist all of the internet temptations and overflowing clickbait links?

Tempting clickbait is everywhere… and it comes in forms that are not easily identified.

  • Is Kanye losing Kim? 5 reasons he heading for the exit
  • ‘5 reasons Man United won’t win the title this year
  • ‘Premier League matches streamed life’

To the average football fan – these links seem harmless and in fact rather helpful…

Internet Security - AVG Antivirus Software Internet Security Software

When questioning whether you need no antivirus, a free antivirus or if you need to buy one.

Ask yourself… Are you certain you will never make a mistake, or reply to a charming Nigerian Prince and the prospect of cashing his 50 million dollar cheque. The Nigerian Government says the country makes millions of dollars from scams like that. In fact, every day up to 5,000 people pay the $35-75 stamping fee to finalise the transfer.

If you believe you can resist all of that, will never mistakenly enable any malware, never slip up, or click on a stupid clickbait link late at night – then you should be fine, right?


Although your minimal human error is impressive – if you should happen to become a victim of cybercrime and you have no internet security or antivirus software installed, your chances of having the crime investigated, your money refunded or your insurance claim paid out are none.

Modern viruses don’t declare themselves in advance - they sit in the background using your internet and computer to send spam to others, sending traffic to websites to take them offline. Additionally, not having an antivirus on your computer is the same as not immunising yourself and your children - in most cases you end up infecting everyone else too.

Cybercrime is rampant and hard to avoid, but it is possible to ensure both your internet safety and the online safety of your family. AVG Internet Security and AVG Ultimate offer you complete internet security and peace of mind.

Furthermore, both AVG Antivirus Suites include options that allow you to set limits that control how and when your kids use the internet. Instilling parental control will not only keep your kids safe online, but it will have a direct impact on their health, appetite and school performance.

Stay safe online for less than €/£100.

The Secure Mac – No need for an Apple Antivirus

This is a myth that Apple is quite happy to promote and let run but it has no basis in fact. 

Did you know?

In 1982, the first computer virus was indeed found on a Mac. The programme was called Elk Cloner.

AVG Antivirus for Apple / Mac - Internet security

It’s common for Apple enthusiasts to point to the much more flexible and far less expensive Windows platform as being much more vulnerable. However, that belief is just plain hubris as both are equally threatened.

In fact, Apple’s success in recent years with macOS is a magnet for more cyberattacks, whilst Windows improves its defensive strengths.

Criminals are naturally drawn to more prosperous MacBook owners; there are more to attack which means they are more profitable.

Windows 10 defender is fantastic, no antivirus needed here…

And now even Windows 10 users are falling into this trap, when did Microsoft ever do anything for free.

Defender/Security Essentials - even when supplemented with Malwarebytes, just isn’t good enough for 99% of users, who are not IT professionals.

Every report, every new test, Defender/Security Essentials doesn’t even get close to making the top twenty 20+ rankings in the 2 most respected independent reviews.

Instead, Microsoft Defender achieves a base minimum. The absolute "bare minimum" that all the paid vendors far exceed. Naturally Microsoft, like Apple, is quite happy that suddenly its Windows operating system and cash cow are gaining a security following and an online protection/internet safety reputation.

Every test rises far above that bar even when you download and install upgrades.

Don’t use an Administrator in Defender

Advice for Windows users would be - don’t use Administrator privileges. This might eradicate many of the threat protections out there, such as malware and spyware.

To create a new Administrator account (as you’ll want one on your system), then change your existing one to a Standard account.  Go to Settings>Accounts>Family & other people, where you add a family member, a mate or even your sister.

AVG Internet Security & AVG Ultimate

Real Anti Virus software like AVG Internet Security or AVG Ultimate brings newer features out quicker and many now use artificial intelligence for much more thorough threat detection.

Many vendors like AVG offer free password managers and goodies like email and web-browser plug-ins that warn you about dodgy attachments and websites.

AVG Ultimate customers and users benefit from 24/7 worldwide support - even for installing the AVG suite itself or when you spill coffee on your keyboard, unfortunately, they can only fix the former not the latter.

BeSecureOnline – AVG Antivirus Software

A better deal than Free AVG is 100% internet security and online safety – for both you and your family.

Say no to cybercrime and protect yourself today with AVG antivirus software. BeSecureOnline is a proud stockist of AVG Internet Security, AVG Ultimate and AVG Secure VPN. We guarantee some of the best prices available worldwide.

Purchase your internet security software from us at the convenience of your home and ensure your online safety today.

For more information about internet security and online safety for your family, please contact us.


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