Let’s face it, the internet can be a nasty place

Between predators, malware, explicit content, and other less than well-intended content - kids don’t have much of a chance of escaping the worst the internet has to offer. 

Parental Control of the Internet

To deal with this, parents need a two-pronged approach, a carrot to reward good online behaviour and an old fashioned stick, meaning actually buying something to enforce internet control on your home WIFI. 

Trust, verify and enforce and why not! It’s your house, they’re your kids, buy some online safety protection, don’t leave it to chance. Far better than taking the home modem / router to work as some people do.

Internet safety for kids Ireland - iKydz Wireless Access Control

With long slow summer days ahead, we all want to see kids outside enjoying themselves not stuck in their rooms or corners online. With parental control like iKydz you can maintain the online lifestyle balance that’s so important for children’s growth, happiness and wellbeing.

For this conversation, we recommend iKydz, check out either version on our site, there’s two versions of iKydz, HOME and PRO. The PRO version even controls your kids phone out and about. 

So what’s in the iKydz box

Everything a parent wants, namely peace of mind, Parental blocks, kid-friendly browsing, Time limiters and even a ‘Dinner button’. This is a great starter for parents who want to enforce control and why not, it's your house. 

iKydz helps build better online habits, healthy online habits improving your child’s future prospects. Learning to win on the net, that’s what it’s about. Naturally you need to keep talking to the kids, iKydz helps you win the conversation though.

The iKydz HOME version is €99, excluding delivery. 

It is great way to know your kids are on the age appropriate sites, all controlled from your own phone. See what they’re on, where they are, shut down the net for sleep. Set up schedules for weekdays, and the weekend. If you are a concerned parent, What is not to like? The absolute definition of ‘Win/Win’ 

The wrong side of the law

Kids are not meant to be on Snapchat, Instagram and they were never designed with kids in mind (iKydz will block the advertising pop-ups that kids will see because Snapchat thinks your child is over 13). 

Remember your kid on Social Media places us as parents and kids on the wrong side of the law. Therefore there is no duty of care on Snapchat or Instagram.  Allowing your child to use Snapchat is violation of the Snapchat, 'Terms of usage'.

But the good news is, you can control access to Gaming, Snapchat and or Instagram from your iKydz App.  The Guardian and The Irish Times have both said that iKydz is exactly what every parent needs.

Can parental controls protect your kids completely? Absolutely not. The nastiness of the internet will always try to find its way onto their screens. But this reduces the threat along with your parenting by upto 80%

Why not take a look at these informational video’s for IKydz videos, how to set up it, how to do it. 

We’ll even set IKydz up for you.

There’s even a service to pre configure iKydz from the Factory, however this requires some contact with you prior to shipping, which takes 5 minutes. Great for the non Tech’s who just want to plug it in and get it going immediately.

What is iKydz?

iKydz is a a digital parenting tool that gives you direct parental control over unlimited devices connected to your home internet. The small iKydz device plugs directly into your home modem to keep your children safe and puts you back in control.

BeSecureOnline - Parental Control & Internet Safety for Kids

For more information about iKydz or our internet safety talks for kids, please contact us.


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