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F-Secure Freedome VPN is a super-simple online privacy and internet security app - protecting you from hackers and harmful apps, while stopping advertising trackers.

If you are out and about, travelling using free public WiFi in coffee shops and airports you need to be able to connect safely. This is a fact far too commonly ignored by most people as advertisers and WiFi machines scoop up your most personal details about you, all of your contacts including your mother's email address and other details.

F-Secure Freedome offers you the security and peace of mind you need when travelling and browsing.


  • VPN encrypt your connections, making you anonymous online
  • Prevents Advertisers, Hackers, Pollsters - from spying on you.
  • Virtual locations to access geo-blocked sites and content
  • Tracking protection to prevent sites, banners, and ads from tracking you.
  • Blocks tracking by Advertisers & Data Collection companies
  • Freedome protects you against harmful and dangerous apps that try to steal your personal data or use your device for criminal purposes.
  • Antivirus for all Apps & downloads

BeSecureOnline sells F-Secure Freedome VPN at the best price and commits to selling Freedome VPN for the lowest price anywhere in the UK, Ireland, Europe.

It is by far the best privacy app on the market.

*It also continues to allow you to watch US Netflix, the one with all of the American content. An added bonus for some.

PRIVATE AND UNTRACKED: No one rips you off online, snoopers can’t spy on you, and advertisers wont be able to track you.

ANONYMOUS ONLINE: That’s totally guaranteed, No registration, no logs, full anonymity.

Freedome VPN Mobile Protects - F-Secure SAFE Internet Security Software

• FREE APP SECURITY: The next-generation virus scanner protects you from harmful apps, viruses, spyware and malware that can endanger your online privacy. Unlike traditional antivirus scanners, it’s significantly faster, lighter and less battery draining.

• WATCH US NETFLIX, BBC iPLAYER. Remove geo-blocks to access your favorite content: Set your virtual location to a different country other than where you are now to unblock your favorite services and content home or abroad. You can connect to VPN servers in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.

Freedome VPN Virtual Location - F-Secure SAFE Internet Security Antivirus

WI-FI SECURITY: Freedome protects and encrypts your connection so you can safely tap into any public hotspot.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: With a push of a button you are safe and untrackable.

• UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH: Brought to you by a European company with over 25 years of experience in Internet security and millions of safe, satisfied customers around the globe.

Compliments from the world’s press

5 stars “The Freedome promises freedom from worry with just one button”

“Super easy to use”

“Freedome VPN, an app from the Finnish security firm F-Secure, gives smart smartphone users an easy tool to protect their Internet traffic”

F-Secure Freedome VPN is a great option, if you're ready to take control of your privacy on your mobile device

‘BeSeCureOnline recommends Freedome VPN to UK customers and commits to lowest price everywhere for Freedome VPN’

Freedome has the most powerful features of F-Secure’s award-winning internet security, moved to the cloud. F-Secure Freedome scans all incoming and outgoing traffic in the cloud in real-time, blocking all harmful content and data. And because it’s in the cloud, it's always up-to-date. With just one button, Freedome redefines online privacy and security inside and out.


  • VPN encrypts your online connections, making you completely anonymous and preventing others from spying on you.
  • Virtual location to give you access to Internet services that are restricted by location - for example if you’re traveling abroad, you can set your location to your home country and access the same services that you can from the comfort of your home.
  • Tracking protection to prevent sites, banners, and ads from tracking you.
  • Browsing protection to detect sites that contain malware and known phishing sites, and to warn you before you go there.
  • Antivirus to block harmful apps that try to steal personal information, harm your content, or use your device for illegal purposes.

The Freedome VPN app that works like a VPN app should:

Your connection is secured through an encrypted tunnel to ensure your privacy from start to finish – even from us. F-Secure does not log your traffic, your user name, or even your contact details.


F-Secure Freedome is ready to use but it doesn't mean we're stopping work on it. We want to make it even better and are really eager to hear from our users. If you have comments or questions about Freedome please be in touch with us.


Twitter:  @BeSecureOnline1
Instagram: besecureonline


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