Allianz, The German Insurer, says Cyber threat, IT Failure is a bigger threat than Fire, Theft, Flood.

In this article, we explain why you should be seriously considering hosted endpoint protection. Hackers and online criminals are not sophisticated people, they regard everybody as fair game. One of the most productive areas for them to attack is the SMB sector especially small-business.

​This is sadly highlighted by the number of small American towns which have been completely shut down by IT criminals and cybercrime gangs. Most of these were ransomware attacks, interestingly the cities and small towns that paid the ransom discovered that the fix provided by the criminals did not work. As a result, many of these cities and towns no longer have any computer systems supporting water, police, health, libraries, payroll. Millions invested by the city now completely wasted, left with no choice other than to completely rebuild their computer systems in a hurry at considerable expense. 

BA fined £183 million

endpoint protection gravityzone, British Airways Fine


The corporate sector and small business are the sweetest targets. Cybercriminals know that small companies will pay. Bots (automated intelligent machines) are constantly hunting the web and systems, looking for weak spots and to create new attacks; it is a war of attrition. Cybercrime is an equal opportunity crime, and any organisation is seen as easy prey for hackers. The need for a layered and responsive endpoint protection solution is greater than ever. Bitdefender GravityZone

The Wall Street Journal, says that cybercrime is rising fast increasing each year and that most of the threat is completely avoidable as high as 95%. That includes investing in protection, improving procedures in the office and some staff training.

Endpoint Protection is the new thing

That's why endpoint protection is proving so popular with the SMB sector and smaller companies. Traditionally antivirus, malware protection, business interruption services were installed as a server-based security solution. The standard approach to IT cyber protection required your company to instal and manage your full security suite on a server, in many cases without any real skills in the area. A cloud-based managed solution is far more preferable, as the solution provider takes care of everything including mobile phones, laptops, and tablets to be completely protected and managed by your service provider. This speeds up deployment, automates updates for your malware protection which is critical for your business. And allows IT o concentrate n business improvement, not protecting the Server.

We're talking about your entire IT infrastructure supporting your business. This means Product development, Research, CRM & Sales development activities, ERP and Finance systems. Everything your organisation holds dear and you need to protect.

upgrade your internet security, endpoint protection

Cybercriminals lazy, feckless and don't care

Many cybercriminals and online criminals target small businesses and organisations like yours precisely because they feel you do not have the resources to install and manage antivirus malware, ransomware. They'll hold you to account requesting a large financial payment to be settled in in bitcoin. That's why a monthly rental managed endpoint protection solution could be valuable to your organisation. 

This is known as ‘software as a service’ or ‘saas’ instead of an ‘on-premise’ package. This is why Gravityzone is such an ideal solution. This will be a long-term partnership because you don't want to evaluate software solutions every day of the week. Cybercrime like ransomware is one of the biggest concerns to businesses and organisations worldwide today. Detecting and preventing it is something that Gravityzone is particularly good at. Gravityzone endpoint protection allows you to roll back to the point before the attack, this is a key benefit

Complete endpoint protection installed across your entire network including mobile phones laptops and tablets is the most modern progressive way to defend your organisation from cybercrime. We offer a very attractive monthly no-contract solution which defends your organisation, your future and your entire business on an ongoing basis. 

If you're going to consider a cloud-based endpoint protection solution you need to be considering gravityzone. This is new tech for a really old problem.


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