Instagram new Threads 'Auto Status' option isn't great, here's why

Facebook money-grabbing habits on display

Instagram is the Teacher's pet in Facebook, the boss loves Instagram and lavishes praise on them publically.  Instagram is doing really well in terms of advertising and active daily users. Instagram has a billion users and hundreds of millions of active daily users. Some people have even called it, the deal of the century when Zuckerberg bought Instagram for billion dollars in 2012. That's a dollar a user, better than striking oil. 

Instagram Threads is a new feature in its 'Close Friends' option. The new 'Auto Status' facility is causing a stir. It tells people (close friends) 
1. Where you are 
2. What you are doing 
3. Possibly, your mood | Note - Even when you are not using Instagram but in a passive mode. Instagram says you have to enable it, so what!

Instagram Threads Auto Status Option, internet safety, e safety talksSo Popular with kids

Instagram is exceptionally popular with kids, tweens, and teenagers. Facebook wants to dominate social media. Facebook is popular with older people mainly 35 and upwards, and Instagram with the young. So it makes sense.

Clouds on the horizon

The only cloud on Instagram's horizon is Snapchat, a king amongst teenagers. Snapchat has a different vibe to Instagram, it's often accused as hate, sexting portal for teenagers. Snapchat is an agile powerful competitor to Instagram. Snapchat is popular with teenagers, and Snapchat users spend more time using it, which is what Snapchat advertisers want. Keeping kids safe online

The Happy Life

Adam Mosseri, Instagram boss promotes the platform as a happy place, where hate, bullying, sexting have no place. Facebook has confirmed that they have started curating content such as users showing suicidal tendencies. 

Last year, Instagram introduced close friends, for sharing intimate moments with friends. Now, you can use Threads to message those people on your Instagram close friends list and you’ll have a dedicated inbox and notifications just for them. If you don’t have a list set up yet, you can make one directly from Threads when you download the app.

instagram auto status, Threads, e safety talks


In the last few weeks, Facebook announced Threads, is a new camera-first messaging app from Instagram for keeping up with your close friends in a dedicated space. It is an App to help people communicate privately and easily with their best friends.

Auto Status

Concerns centre on the Status feature:  Status is an opt-in feature on Threads for sharing what you’re up to with your close friends. You can choose from suggested statuses like “📚 Studying,” create your own such as “😅 Thinking” or turn on Auto Status, which automatically lets your close friends know what you up to without having to actively send them a message. Huh?


So Instagram gets to share details about your day, where you are and what you might be doing as a fun useful convenience? Most people think this is about money and Facebook constantly to target users based on location, and what you are up to and what you might feel like doing. 

So you are using Instagram, even when you are not using it.  Surely that's not what it meant to be

Instagram explained for Parents, by Instagram

Instagram link for parents

What do we think?

Everyone loves Instagram, it is great and so simple to use. Beautifully designed too unlike Facebook itself. They need to think more about their users and less about Facebook. Their self-interest which at least they admit too is just too glaring. Perhaps gently engineer this feature out or at least stop taking advantage of the user's location. 


We think parents, teachers ought to ask kids not to download it and use Threads Auto Status. Teenagers can make their own decision, perhaps they should think about it too. 


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