Online Safety Talks for Teens - 5th & 6th Year (16-19 years old)

An internet safety talk and online reputation talk to this age group is one of the most challenging audiences there is, however we have managed to hone a presentation based on realities, growing up and their responsibilties.

We bring home the consequences of phone addiction, making practical suggestion to help in getting jobs, managing social media, how Google, Facebook and social media see them as a result. 

It's a very effective blunt talk. We will still remind this audience there is no place for mistreating others online and tell them there's still plenty of people to talk too if they are bening mistreated online.

Online reputation is a major part of any talk to 5th and 6th years. During our talk we explain the consequences of failing to manage their online reputation in terms of jobs, college, part-time jobs and sports life (Ever heard of a County Manager selecting a kid who boasts about #drinking on Instagram? neither have we!).

Online Safety Topics

We use numerous references of footballers, sports, movie and entertainment stars. Additionally, we cover the following topics:

  • Sexting, Picture, Learning to say No
  • Building an Online Reputation and how it's done
  • Developing posting habits for life after school
  • Phone Etiquette, what does the way you hold your phone say about you
  • Data privacy, Protecting yourself online
  • Online Reputation for Jobs, College, Life,Sports

BeSecureOnline - Online Safety Talks for Teens

Contact us to schedule an online safety talk for teens in your school.


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