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In this article, BeSecureOnline, the leading F-Secure SAFE partners in both the UK and Ireland, examine why parental control software is becoming a necessity for all homes.

With reliable sources stating kids are spending up to 9 hours a day in front of screens foregoing real friendships, exercise and real world experience you need a little help.  This is where we can help with the best parental control software there is.

Parental Control Software - Internet safety for kids

F-Secure SAFE - Internet Safety for Kids

F-Secure SAFE is a multi device family protection software featuring parental control options as well as anti virus and anti malware protection.

For busy mothers, fathers, moms, mums and dads, the easiest thing is to buy something online, set it up and get on with it. But we suggest you don’t leave it there.

It's vital that you engage directly and deliberately with your children to educate and guide them on internet safety - and so that you fully understand the latest developments and trends online.

F-Secure provides various filters and controls which you enable you to reduce the possibility that your children will see inappropriate or offensive content.

Multi Device Family Protection Software
iPad, Tablet, Android, Windows Phones & iPhone’s, PC’s & Laptops

Family protection software such as F-Secure SAFE software is a one size fits all approach to internet safety and protection.

F-Secure SAFE is portal controlled, allowing you to control each device in your family network by simply logging in - no matter where you are.

Additinally, this parental control software enables you to manage and enforce filtering, safe browsing, age appropriate content, safe searching. Step by step guides on how to operate this software to meet your family's exact needs can be found on YouTube via the F-Secure channel.

Parental Control Software Explained

There are several brands and types of parental control software available for both computers and mobile devices.

Typically, they enable you to filter out inappropriate content such as pornographic and violent material, reducing the chances of your child being exposed to it. Some allow you to set different profiles for if you have children of different ages accessing the same computer or device.

Sometimes, these filters can over or under-block, leaving your child unable to access some perfectly innocent sites, or in some case may be able to view pages that are inappropriate for their age. Most will let you block or unblock particular sites to give you more control.

A result of these settings is that newspaper sites such as DailyMail, TheSun, Telegraph are blocked on various days due to the nature of their content, stories or advertisements matching your content block such as violence, guns or betting. However, this is simply your family protection software doing its job.

Some parental control software lets you monitor your child's online activity, so you can see which websites they have been viewing and how long they were online for. You can do this as standard in the browser history in Apple's Safari browser, Google's Chrome or MSFT Edge in Windows 10.

Some even provide you with reports on your child's social networking activity - with some programs enabling you to set time limits to your child's online activities - restricting access to the internet, or to certain websites at certain times of the day. This allows you to block social networking or entertainment sites when your child is meant to be doing his or her homework.

Additionally, you can access the software via a login at any time to modify the filters and blocked or unblocked sites, as your child gets older. And as with all software, it is very important to perform updates when notified.

Importantly you can block access to Online Game Apps which cache payment details. Occasionally a game will ask if you wish to save payment details for convenience. Usually a good idea not to or Junior might spend a month's mortgage playing online.

BeSecureOnline - Parental Control Software

BeSecureOnline are the proud stockists of both iKydz Wireless Access Control and F-Secure SAFE.

F-Secure SAFE is complete package when comes to internet safety, family protection and parental control, while iKydz Wireless Access Control offers parents complete control over their children's internet usage. 

For more information about either product, please contact us


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