F Secure SAFE Review 2016 - Internet Safety Antivirus Software

Review - F Secure SAFE UK & Ireland Windows 10 and Android Phone and iPad version

This article is a complete review of the anti virus family protection software F-Secure SAFE from, the largest European partner for F-Secure SAFE, the multi-device internet security package.

In this article, we review the 1 year 3 device license.

The SAFE product covers:

  • Virus Protection,
  • Anti Malware,
  • Browsing and Internet Banking Protection,
  • Network Protection,
  • along with a Device Finder,
  • and Remote Parental Control.

Additionally, SAFE works on any three devices, even if they belong to your children - meaning this is quite a good product for protecting several systems in a family. Let’s check it out.

Installation and Configuration

Once you create an account, confirm your email address and when received, use your License Key - you will be presented with a very clean and uncluttered overview page. From here you can start to add the devices you would like to protect.

I chose my Windows 10 machine which naturally shows as Current Device in the step by step menu after clicking on Add Device.

The F-Secure SAFE install process is very easy and straight forward, with each step explained well, from selecting the type of device through running a quick download which launches the main installation.

My Windows 10 machine, consisted of Microsoft’s own Windows Defender, backed by a full version of Malwarebytes. F-Secure automatically disabled Windows Defender but left Malwarebytes running. Always a good idea to delete any previous anti virus software to avoid them competing against each other.

Following on-screen prompts my default Firefox was set up with browsing protect and safe searching. I will be setting it up on SAFARI and Chrome later on other machines. We tested these browsers and search options thoroughly and found F Secure SAFE search and browse to be very effective.

I used the SMS option to set up my phone to start the phone install. Being a Finnish country it defaults to +358. There’s an upgrade request. Make sure the correct country (+1 for US, +44 UK, etc) is selected. We suggest you use the WiFi option to email the code to your phone - it's just as easy and it doesn’t cut into your data plan.

The final device license will be applied to my kid’s laptop, which is used for gaming, general browsing, shopping and TV. In this case, I will use the "Add Person" feature seen near the top of the main screen, follow the options and then your job is done; simple, elegant and quick.

F-SECURE SAFE Android Phone/Tablet Features

F-Secure SAFE on an Android phone is a powerful product, offering many features that are not normally included in a basic antivirus solution.

Stand out features include the "Finder", this is where you set up the processes you want to enable if a device is lost or stolen, or you wish to locate your teenager via their phone.

Login into any browser and you can:

  • Find your Phone
  • Find your Kid/Teenage
  • Wipe, Lock and Unlock your Phone.

Additionally, there is a trusted number that can be set up to receive an SMS if the SIM card is removed or changed in the device.

Furthermore, the Application Privacy scans your device’s installed apps and gives them a privacy risk rating consisting of many privacy issues, some privacy issues, and few privacy issues.

The settings section gives you the opportunity to rename devices within F-Secure.

Find your Teen - F-Secure SAFE - best antivirus software

Parental Control

Parental Control is probably one of the best features for mobile devices, here you can set time limits, along with browsing and application restrictions; very important indeed for bringing balance to device usage in the family and teenagers under control.

Call Blocker is an unexpected feature, we would normally expect this as a separate product, here you can select numbers from your address book or call history and they will be quietly declined if they call again.

Pricing and Conclusion

F Secure SAFE stable security product. It covers lots of security headaches at once, which is preferable to having multiple security products. An excellent product throughout from a very stable profitable company namely F Secure established in 1988. Pricing starts from around €30 depending on promotions.


  • Comprehensive product covering most if not all security concerns.
  • Great product for covering all the devices in a family.
  • Device finder and remote control is a welcome product for phones and tablets.
  • Wonderful for kids/teenagers and keeping


  • SMS installation needs improvement.

BeSecureOnline - Internet Safety and Security Software - F-Secure SAFE

BeSecureOnline are the proud stockists of F-Secure SAFE. For more information or to puchase F-Secure for your family, please contact us or visit our online store.


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