Ten TikTok Tips and parental control to keep your kids safe on TikTok.

TikTok is a short-form video platform that offers in-app editing, effects, and sounds to help users develop great fun memes along with creative content. TikTok provides a range of tools to put you in control which will help keep your Kid safe, and help them enjoy TikTok

Take the time to study how to get the best our of TikTok. Explore the tips with your teen, scroll through our safety videos. Please remember that TikTok is very commercial and you will be shown advertising, some it of it will not be appropriate for younger users.

tiktok safety for kids
TikTok is a great idea destroyed by its incredible success & American political concerns

Ten TikTok Tips.

1. Enable device-level parental controls. 

TikTok is intended for users 13 and over with a 12+ app store rating. This allows you to use device-based parental controls provided by Google and Apple to block the app from an underage child's phone. Instructions for iOS or Android for more on parental controls (or "restrictions"

2. Set your teen's account to private. 

You can easily enable a private account in privacy and safety. A private account means you can approve or deny follower requests, and only users you’ve approved as followers can see your content. Learn more about enabling a private account here.

3. Decide who can follow you.

Even if your teen has a private account, they can manage who follows their account by removing followers or blocking users and at any time, for any reason. Remove a follower to stop someone sending your teen a DM (direct message).  Blocking a user stop them from interacting with or viewing your teen's content at all.

4. Limit the content you see.

Use  'Not Interested' when watching to see less of that sort of content in the future. At the account level, enabling Restricted Mode is an option that limits the appearance of content that may not be appropriate for all audiences. Restricted Mode can be reset as your teen ages. You can set it behind a passcode for additional control.

5. Control your comment section.

Whether an account is private or public, your teen has the power to decide whether they want to allow comments on their videos from everyone, followers only – or restrict them altogether. Again, this can be set either at the account level or adjusted for each individual video they create. Learn more about controlling comments 

Make TikTok Private


6. Set Messaging Preferences  

Messaging is a way to share creative ideas, but on TikTok, only your teen's followers can send them a private message. You can unfollow or block a user to curtail an individual's ability to send a DM, or disable messaging entirely from their privacy settings.

tiktok safety rules for kids

7. Restrict duets.

Duets is a fun way to create videos with other users. You decide who can make duets with or react to their content. They can set their preference just once at the account level and have the chosen setting apply to all their videos, or choose to selectively enable or disable duets for just a particular video.

8. Report anything that violates guidelines.

TikTok is a community that embraces creativity and values support and positivity. TikTok Community Guidelines. See something you don't want to see, report it.  report content or a profile directly from within the app. This is not TikTok strong suite and there are strong warnings about TikTok moderations and content control in comparison to Instagram. 

9. Limit Screen time. 

Agree on daily usage amounts and enforce it. Parental Control here is terribly important


10. Make videos together!

TikTok is fun, there are many older users. Join in on a trend or have fun with everyday moments together. Making fun content with your teen can be a great way to get involved and learn about their interests. 

Check out the TikTok Parental Guide. There are several resources you can access directly from the Parents Portal in the TikTok Safety Center

Finally, TikTok is a worldwide sensation, learn to love it safely for best enjoyment. 


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