Ten great reasons to use parental controls

Ten great reasons to use parental controls

We wouldn't let our kids jump on a motorbike without showing them how to ride it safely. However every day of the week thousands of kids hit the internet for the first time without any instruction. Let's change that.

parental control, 10 great reason for parental control in your home
Parental Control builds futures, that is a fact. Kids who behave properly online, do better in school, life, and sports. Source -World Health Organisation

What's not to love? Parental Control!

Kids exercise more, sleep & eat better 87%
Kids who behave better 80%
Kids that do as asked 72%

1. Parental controls allow you to manage what your kids find on search engines

Let's make internet searching safe for kids. Parental controls such as Google's SafeSearch help you block adult content and explicit images, videos, and websites which is a great place to start protecting kids.

Kids are easily frightened, don't understand fake news, lacking an adult's truth filter. So kid's search filter is a great idea

2. Parental controls block certain features of games your kids can access

Lots of gaming consoles have internet access that allows your kids to surf the web, make In-App purchases, and talk with other players. While these features can make the games more fun, you might not want your kid to use credit cards connected to the account or talking with strangers.

Parental controls let you set up user profiles where your kids can only access certain features or allow you to monitor what they're doing while using the game. So that's another winner.

3. Parental controls track your kids’ location

GPS apps can help your whole family track each other's locations. This helps indicate your kids are safe — and where they’re supposed to be — and help you find them in emergencies.

It’s always a good idea to talk with your children about safety measures. Tell them to avoid tagging or posting their location on social networks — in case strangers can access the information &mdash, and help them set up privacy settings.

4. Parental controls help establish good cyber safety habits

Cybercriminals often prey on people’s poor cyber habits. Stranger danger primary schools call this. 

A child’s brain is constantly developing and learning new things. Kids might accidentally disclose too much information, such as their school name or date of birth. Most schools are good at teaching this to kids, but let take it a step further protecting them with paid parental control.  

5. Parental controls set screen time limits

Gaming, Devices and the Internet are designed to be addictive. Adults are glued to devices for hours while they are mentally detached from their physical surroundings. Compared to an adult, a child may have a tougher time breaking free from their favourite show or game.

Excessive screen time for kids can result in bad posture, poor eyesight, inadequate sleep, and lack of physical activity. Parents should encourage a healthy lifestyle by limiting screen time for their children and themselves.

Parental control features can help set boundaries by setting time limits on the types of media children to engage with and for how long. Designate a device-free time and initiate activities like taking a walk, creative activity like painting, or playing a game.

6. Parental controls help defend their online reputation

Kids flood the internet with social media posts and pictures from weekends, holidays, whenever. Many of these innocent posts go unnoticed. But a Google search is often all it takes to make a quick assessment of a person based on what they’ve shared online.

Many colleges and companies perform searches on public social media pages to find information about potential candidates online. These organizations may decide whether to accept or hire a person partially based on what is found there.

Set your all social media to private usually have the option for you to make an account private for example, TikTokInstagram

7. Parental controls help back up data

Children sometimes use the internet to complete school projects and homework. It&rsquo's very important to back up their data in a safe and reliable place.

Teach children the importance of saving and storing data. 

Kids also have a collection of memories in the form of photos, texts, and emails that they want to save for the future. Backup is important. Phones break, they get lost or stolen. Make sure you protect their digital memories with a secure backup.

8. Parental controls teach cyber etiquette

Make sure kids understand the consequences of online actions, that online is not some airy-fairy neverland, that you can get in trouble with the Police online just as easy as on the street. Explain to young people that cyberbullying, owning and distributing pornographic material, and unethical hacking. Let them know that this is criminal with enforced penalties.

9. Parental Control is for everyone in the house

Blocking content, tracking whereabouts and setting screen time limits can be great for the whole family and can be set up for all the kids with different controls depending on age or aptitude.

Parental control includes anti-virus, banking protection, VPN, complete online family protection

10. Parental Control We saved the best for last. 

The Benefits.
  • Kids who behave better
  • Kids that exercise more, sleep, eat better
  • Kids that do as asked
  • Kids who study better, doing better in school
  • Kids who don’t get bullied online
  • Kids with longer attention spans
  • Healthier, fitter, stronger kids.
  • They can still play Fortnite, we are not stopping them, just not all day.

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